Be on the safe side – Karatbars presents the Gold Security System

For investors, the security aspect of each investment made to protect their financial independence is an important issue. Karatbars is especially committed to this aspect and has introduced a new Karatbars Standard that offers investors the highest possible degree of security. The new Gold Security System is probably the safest card in the business.

The five features of the des Karatbars Gold Security System:

  1. The certified gold is laminated in a special scratch-proof material.
  2. The gold is coated in a DNA dust that is 100% forgery proof, so it offers the highest security standard worldwide.
  3. On the back of the card, the name Karatbars is engraved.
  4. The card includes a hologram of Karatbars International GmbH.
  5. The authenticity of the card can be checked under a black-light bulb (only applicable to our 1g Classic Gold Card).

Karatbars is prepared to meet the needs and changes of the market and integrate them into its portfolio and services, to let you know that your investments will always be safe and that Karatbars will be with you every step of your way to the top.