Ways to motivate employees in E-Commerce

Successful companies act on the principle that leadership is a service, not a privilege. With common values and genuine interest in your employees, you will be able to release the full potential of every single one of them. Our 10 tips for successful employee motivation will help you to improve your team’s strength and efficiency.

- The company vision

The right company vision is not a motivational poster on the wall – it is lived! For long-term success, it is crucial that you impart your company vision to your employees. Implement your vision consistently in all areas of your business, whether in strategy, short-term, or long-term goals, and be an example and trailblazer for your employees.

- Clear Communication

Communication, as is often the case, is the key to successful cooperation. Leaders unfortunately often fail to give clear directives, causing demotivation. So give your employees all the information they need and define what you want – and what you don’t want! Clear communication and transparency will lead to better results in the long run.

- Give meaning to their work

Just as important as clearly communicating tasks is making sure your employee’s work has meaning. A person who does not understand why they are doing something will approach their work with much less motivation. By giving meaning, you will motivate your employee and at the same time make it easier for them to do their job well.

- Abolish outdated hierarchies

Senseless behavior patterns and completely outdated hierarchies – such relics from the past demotivate your employees. Examine your staff structure regularly, because unfounded positions of power in particular will deter your team.

- Persistent optimization of company processes

When you involve your employees in process optimization, you benefit two ways. For one, your team knows your company well and knows where problems can arise during day-to-day operations. For another, it is highly motivating to implement one’s own suggestions for improvement. But be sure to appreciate every item of feedback. Even if a suggestion cannot be implemented, you should at least discuss the reasons why.

- Recognize strengths – promote talent

People are most motivated if they do what they are good at. Recognize your employee’s talents and use their strengths accordingly. Good leadership almost automatically motivates your staff, as every individual in the team makes a contribution to the overall result.

- Promote talent

There is little that motivates employees as well as the opportunity for personal development. The better your team is trained, the more enthusiastically they will work. As with personal strengths, the key here is to target individual talent and promote it in ways that are profitable for the company.

- Appreciation and recognition

Good performance is often taken for granted in our day-to-day lives, and especially in the work place, showing appreciation for employees is sometimes neglected. A lack of recognition will over time lead to paralyzing demotivation. Trust your employees and take the time for a few words of appreciation.