How to find new employees in E-Commerce

As an entrepreneur starting out in E-Commerce, you will quickly find that a strong team is crucial on your path to success. To secure your growth, finding new partners and employees is indispensable.


Use your direct network


Especially at the start of your activities, your inner circle of friends and relatives is the core of your network and at the same time the source of your first customers and employees. This is why it is essential to continuously work on your contacts list and the relationships within your network. If you think of some creative hooks for your regular calls, you’ll be able to keep signing new employees over time. It is important, however, to take a genuine interest in the people you are dealing with, to put yourself in their position so you can empathize with their possible reasons for joining your business.

Activate old acquaintances

Ask yourself regularly: „Whom do I remember from back in …“. Distant acquaintances could be contacts from your school or college days, or from leisure activities like sports clubs. Be very open about finding out whether your approaching them on a business level is acceptable for them, especially if the last time you had contact was long ago. Whether in private conversations with friends or in a business setting: have your contacts recommend you on a regular basis and ask for their recommendations in turn. You will be surprised how many new contacts you will establish.

Be creative

Strangers are friends you have not met yet. Time to do something about it! Direct contact is admittedly not the easiest way of doing it, but it is one of the most effective routes to finding new employees. If it is difficult for you to approach perfect strangers, be creative. With special events like a promotion stand at your local pedestrian mall or a booth at a trade fair, you’ll attract attention and have conversations with many potential employees. Regular visits to locations frequented by your target group are also likely to pay off. After just a few weeks, you will naturally begin to talk to other regulars.

The right strategy is the key

Stay positive when contacting distant acquaintances and new contacts on the phone, even if you don’t immediately get a yes for an answer. Perhaps your contact just has a full schedule at the moment? Or you picked a bad time for your call? A lot can change in 3 to 6 months! Remain engaged and suggest having the conversation at a later date. Be conscientious in maintaining your contacts list, mark contacts for follow-ups, and stay on the ball.

Finding employees in the Social Web

Studies have shown that 93% of the current job market happens online. In job portals, you will quickly find potential employees, and you have the option of establishing contact with them immediately. To avoid lengthy searches, you can also get direct leads and contact people who are sure to be interested in what you are offering. Of course, you should make sure that your appearance on the web and in the social media is flawless. Your own home page and company pages on Facebook, Xing, and other portals give interested parties a place to start and increase your chances of being seen on the internet. You have found a potential employee on another company’s corporate pages? – Don’t hesitate to contact them. Maintaining your contact network is your key to successful employee and business partner acquisition!