„Safety for our Kids“ – Karatbars Special Edition

The „C4 Community Safety & Education Program“ is a non-profit initiative of the Las Vegas Police Department. Its goal is to promote safety in schools and communities and to support first responders. Donations are used, for instance, to supply police precincts with special vehicles and equipment. Children are driven to school safely and taught non-violent behavior strategies and violence prevention. C4 also focuses on school security and the promotion of safety consciousness among parents and teachers.

Give Gold and Do a Good Deed – C4 Safety for our Kids

For the „C4-Safety for our kids“ cards, we have selected colorful, cheery children’s motifs. The cooperation with Karatbars not only gives children hope for a non-violent future, but for a financially secure future as well. Part of the proceeds from this special edition is donated directly to the program.
Karatbars International GmbH sells gold in over 120 countries across the globe. Our special editions are ideal for collectors or as a unique gift: a valuable gift with a lasting impression and stable value.
 You can hardly go wrong giving gold coins or small gold bars, because even beyond the beauty and attraction of gold, it has one other unbeatable benefit: the precious metal has proven to be a stable and crisis-proof investment.