Karatbars presents the new 3-D Metal Cards

The perfect gift.

You are looking for a unique and precious gift of lasting value? Karatbars International GmbH has created special products for just such an occasion. For individualists in search of something special, Karatbars offers a broad variety of different gold cards that can be completely individualized. An exclusive gift for special moments – a wedding, a birthday, Christmas, or just to say „I love you“. Made of high-grade aluminum, the cards bear intricate engraving that creates a 3D appearance.

The 3D cards are issued in Editions of four, to match every gift-giving occasion.

Edition „Happy Birthday“: Gold colored with engraved Happy Birthday lettering and embellished with a matching bow. The perfect gift for every birthday.

Edition „Good Luck“: An unusual gift to wish someone the best of luck – on their wedding day, for graduation, the start into the New Year or into a new life. The Edition card in a silver look with an engraved clover leaf – a valuable good luck charm.

Edition „I Love You“: A little gift to express your love. On the red background, the finely engraved hearts come into their own. One of the most beautiful and lasting declarations of love.

Edition „Congratulations“: In sophisticated black with star engravings, this card is a gift highlight for many occasions. Give them something special.

A precious gift with a lasting impression and stable value.