Choosing the Right E-Commerce Goals

Set goals

Well-defined goals are essential for a successful e-commerce business. Without specific objectives, it is impossible to plan concrete measures for future success. Goals are powerful, harnessing our energy and giving us potential we should not waste. In addition, setting clear goals and milestones will help motivate you to actually achieve them.


An essential factor for future success of your venture is staking out distinct objectives. If your goals are too abstract and no longer quantifiable, they are fundamentally not well-thought out or conceived. Often, they end up being postponed indefinitely. If you yourself are not certain what exactly you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it, you may end up chasing a pipe dream.

When setting out goals for yourself, you can use this SMART model:

  • S = Specificity. Answer the four questions: Who? What? How? When? This way, you make sure that your goals are clear-cut.
  • M = Measurability. How do you tell when you’ve reached your objective?
  • A = Autonomy. You should be the main reason for your own success.
  • R = Realism. You have the required resources (time, money, skills, etc.) to succeed. Don’t kid yourself – make sure your goals are attainable and within reach.
  • T = Termination. When does your goal need to be achieved?

Eyes on the prize

Try to develop a clear strategy and concrete steps to reach your goals and be successful. To keep your objectives in mind and make sure that you are still on track, you should write down what you want to achieve on a piece of paper and fasten it someplace you look at every day. A detailed roadmap (goals set for the day, the month, the year) can help you define every step you need to take.

Motivation as a driver

Your own drive is what will make you successful as an entrepreneur. Make sure to set aside enough time to recognize what motivates you personally and to maintain and create space for those sources of energy. Don’t forget that you will experience ups and downs over the course of your business career. It’s all about how you deal with those downs and whether you are able to mine them for experience in your learning process and learn from your mistakes. Be sure to never lose your enthusiasm and enjoyment in your work, and find a balance between fun and your desire for financial success.

Know how to celebrate success

Your successes help build motivation and provide energy for the future. That is why you should take the time to celebrate your victories.