Gold – The perfect gift

A precious gift with a lasting impression and stable value.

You can hardly go wrong giving gold coins or small gold bars. Beyond the beauty and attraction of gold, it has one undisputable advantage: the precious metal has proven to be a stable and safe investment.

Gold as an investment or as an unusual gift – a few tips:
The shiny metal is valuable and very popular. The specific weight of the material in relation to its size makes it an ideal investment product for the smallest of spaces. Gold is not sold as nuggets, but as gold bars or minted coins. Giving gold does not have to be expensive, as there are different sizes of gold gifts for every budget. Even a 1-gram gold bar – beautifully packaged in a gold card – speaks of the consideration that went into the gift and the inventiveness of the giver. Be aware that smaller gold denominations are comparatively more expensive. For instance, a one-ounce gold coin of 31.1 grams currently costs just under 1,000 Euro. A tenth of an ounce at 3.11 grams goes for about 110 Euro. Ten coins of a tenth of an ounce each are therefore about ten percent more expensive than a single one-ounce coin. This is due to higher manufacturing costs.

Give the gift of beauty with lasting value!